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Delve in, 

      through softened eyes;

& dance your



down the path...

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Writing songs bares open your chest, sharing them reveals all the secrets of the soul

"Yoga has taught me that the state of my body, reflects so clearly the state of my mind. The more I have practiced yoga throughout the past 10 years, the more flexible I have become, the more supple, soft and patient. Not just in the body, but also in the mind. The details in which I now understand the intricate aspects of my physical body, are reflected in the way I feel more clear and assured in my mind."

Music is my medicine. From mantras to sacred tribal songs, to the songs I write, this journey brings me as much, if not more peace than my yoga mat. It's an act of devotion; Bhakti Yoga. The process of offering your heart and your soul in its most pure and true essence. It's a path of commitment, of daily practice, of creation. I aspire to inspire others to live a musical life.  


It was five years ago that I picked up a guitar. Poems became songs, notebooks became people's ears. I can hardly believe it myself that I am now recording my debut album. 

Creating and sharing music transports me to the source of my soul. Music has become my medicine, and I hope the essence of this healing will vibrate through your ears, and touch your heart. 

It was during my years as a traveler that this musical journey began. India, Africa, South and Central America. The depth of traditions and rituals inspired me. Yoga, meditation, plant-medicine and sacred-singing circles changed my life. 

Ibiza became home and the eclectic free-spirits of the Island have become my community. But it has been the path that I chose to live alone on the top of a mountain, which has allowed me the space to delve into the unknown, and drift into trances of melody and magic.  

I aspire to inspire.  I hope this album 'Change will Come,' will ignite the flame within you to trust and follow your wildest dreams.

Gratitude overflowing to all of you who have supported me financially in making this album spread its wings. If you'd like to be part of the puzzle it's not too late. Join me for a Yoga retreat in the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany in June 2021. 

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