She channels to the light, crystals  her allies.

She meditates...

Siddha Kundalini Healing is a unique and extraordinary healing system that utilises ancient Indian technologies. The technique focuses on purifying mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our beings. Drawing upon the support and guidance of historical techniques, I utilises the power of alchemical Navapashanam medicines, crystals, sacred geometry and mandalas to assist in achieving wholesome and multi-layered results. 



The Siddha Lineage 


The Siddha Lineage, also know as the Shaktipath, is an ancient path of awakening that dates back more than 5000 years, predating even the Vedas. Based upon an ancient body of esoteric knowledge the Siddha tradition has been used by many as a reliable and effective addition to their sadhana. It is a unique and rarified tool enabling one to float into the realms of joy and bliss. Siddha yoga is a science, not a dogma or philosophy. It is a system of tapping in, to become sensitive to more subtle vibrations by awakening the infinite power and potential of shakti energies. 

Being a Channel

It's not something I ever aspired to become, or even thought about. It just happened, a natural process. A way to utalise the strong and powerful energy flowing through me; flowing through us all. 

I am based in Ibiza and offer private and group healing journey's, distance healings and longer processes. For more information about healings and ceremonies I prefer to speak over the phone, for crystal sales and bespoke orders please