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Born and raised on the Isle of Man, a beautiful, blustery Island in the middle of the Irish Sea, Abby was blessed by a childhood filled with old folk-lore, myths and fairy-tales. She developed a love early on, for all things mystical, wild and untamed. 

Eight years ago she left London, leaving behind a career in Human Rights, to explore the world, study yoga and write poetry. Little did she know at the time, that Yoga and Music would completely transform her life. 

Abby's music is inspired by the colours and spirit of India, its culture of prayer and connection to source. Together with this, the intangible and inexplicable power of plant medicines, pathed a way for her to find her voice. Her music carries the essence of deep transformation, and brings forward a sense of hope, when one transcends fear of change. 

Ibiza has been her home for the past four years. She lives off-grid, fuelled by the sun, the rain and the stars. As well as working on her album, 'Change Will Come,' she teaches yoga, facilitates kirtans and singing circles,  sells crystals, is writing a book called 'conversations with heart,' and spends a lot of time doing DIY and working in her garden. 

She is an ashtanga yoga practitioner and not a day goes by that she does not pick up her guitar.

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