I was born and raised on the Isle of Man, a beautiful, blustery Island in the middle of the Irish Sea. Blessed by a childhood on this mystical land, filled with old folk-lore, myths and fairy-tales, I developed a love early on for all things mysterious, wild and untamed.

Seven years ago I packed up life in London, leaving behind a career in Human Rights, to follow a dream of exploring the world, studying yoga and writing poetry. Little did I know at the time that Yoga and Music would completely transform my life, that I would come to share Yoga with others, and that I would pick up a guitar, trust in my voice and my poems would become songs. 

I have spent four years on the road. My journey has taken me on foot, on horseback and by hair-raising public transport through thousands of square kilometres of African wilderness, Indian mysteries, the Himalayas, the High Andes, the Amazon rainforest and the fiery volcanoes of Latin America. 

Expanding my knowledge of yogic practice and philosophy, shamanism, crystal and energy healing, permaculture design, wildlife conservation and sustainable living techniques, has changed my perspective on life dramatically.

I passionately believe that since stepping onto the spiritual path, purifying my being on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, my creativity has blossomed and with it the manifestation of my greatest dreams.


I currently live in Ibiza, tucked away in the hills close to San Joan with my dog, a yoga mat and my guitar. 


I am deeply grateful to have a beautiful space hidden away in nature, to welcome seekers on their journey; to purify, to heal, to learn, to grow. I love my life and warmly welcome you to join me to taste the magic. 


Om shanti.