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As a musician and yoga teacher, with a deep affinity to nature, our ability to live connected and conscious lives is a large part of her teachings; both on the yoga mat and in song. 

Her debut album 'Change Will Come,’ is a collection of poetic songs inspired by the colours and spirit of India, its culture of prayer and connection to source. Together with this, the intangible and inexplicable power of plant medicines, pathed a way for her to find her voice. Her music carries the essence of deep transformation, and brings forward a sense of hope, when one transcends fear of change. 

Abby has been teaching yoga for 10 years, and during that time has taught thousands of classes to yogi's from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.  Her classes are a fusion of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga traditions, with a balance between movement and stillness. She is Inspired by Hridaya, Sivananda, Agama and Ashtanga Yoga traditions; her personal practice being Ashtanga yoga. 

Abby has lived and worked in ibiza for 7 years, and knowns the island inside out. Her expensive experience working on her own retreats as well as holding space on many other people's retreats over the years, gives her extensive knowledge and expertise in curating and cultivating inspiring retreat environments. 

As a way of integrating her yoga and music passions she always shares live music in her classes. Abby also facilitates Kirtan and sacred singing circles, and loves inviting the Island's uniquely talented musicians and space-holders to share onto her retreats. 

In Abby's world, "Change will come, truth is one, it's the start of the end of the illusion." 

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