Music is my medicine

'When I am silent, I fall into a place, where everything is music'


I REMEMBER watching guitarists and thinking it was not possible for me to play. I didn't even dare to dream, until I tried and got swept away. 

A poet since I can remember, the opportunity to create melodies was like showing a duckling water. 

I practice, I am committed and dedicated to music; and as with everything, the more you give, the more you receive. 

Music is my medicine. From Mantras to sacred tribal songs, to the songs I write, this journey brings me as much, if not more peace than my yoga mat. 

It's an act of devotion; Bhakti Yoga. The process of offering your heart and your soul in its most pure and true essence. I aspire to inspire others to follow this path of self-love and music. 

During the past four years I began to taught myself and later started to study classical guitar with Amu Avaha. I write songs and I now have roughly 40 creations to pick between to record my first album. The initial fear of sharing my creations has dissolved and the positive way it is being received by friends and lovers of music is overwhelming. I am so grateful for this energetic support.

I am currently raising money to record an album. The first collection will be called 'Change will Come.'  It now seems more apt than ever for our time...


If you'd like to support me in creating this album, or be part of my bigger creative project please drop me a line.  

Om Shanti