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Creating and sharing music transports me to the source of my soul. Music has become my medicine, and I hope the essence of this will vibrate through your ears, and touch your heart. 

It was during my years as a traveler that this musical journey began. India, Africa, South and Central America. The depth of traditions and rituals inspired me. Yoga, meditation, plant-medicine and sacred-singing circles changed my life. 

I aspire to inspire.  I hope my music and lyrics will ignite the flame within you to trust and follow your wildest dreams.

My music is inspired by both sacred singing traditions and folk music. Inspired by the colours and spirit of India, its culture of prayer and connection to source. Together with this, the intangible and inexplicable power of plant medicines, pathed a way for me to find and connect with my voice. I hope that my music carries the essence of deep transformation, and brings forward a sense of hope, when one transcends fear of change. 


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